USB Isolator 3 channel

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The USB isolator completely isolates the grounds from mixer and computer from each other.
This improves the signal to noise ratio of your set-up a lot.

It can handle 3 channels USB audio plus control signals.

The USB Isolator will isolate the power from the USB host (computer) and the connected device and provide a cleaner DC voltage for the USB device. The isolator will create a new ground for the USB device so that it doesn't have to share ground with your computer and other devices you might have connected in the same house.
This can be used to prevent ground loops. It will also protect the USB device and host from electrical shocks or static electricity shocks. It will also greatly improve the quality of the DC power signal used to power the USB device, which can improve performance of sensitive equipment like audio converters.
This Isolator doesn't require an external power supply. It features a isolated, regulated DC-DC module which is powered from the USB host (computer) and can give out 200mA, sufficient for commonly used USB equipment (but not all - check your device's power requirement!). Power is filtered with a LC filter featuring quality Sanyo OSCON caps. 
It features a professional grade isolation chip, ADUM4160 and with an optimal layout it features signal isolation capability of 5000V and voltage isolation of 1000V. A low noise regulator is used to power ADUM4160 and low noise DC-DC converter gives a clean 5VDC power to the connected USB device. 
USB Full Speed 12Mbps is sufficient for samples rates up to 96kHz/24bit. But it will not work with 192kHz/24bit samples  rates as this requires USB "High Speed" 480Mbps (there is currently no low cost chip available supporting USB "High speed")
If this USB isolator is especially useful for our 2 channel AIRMATE-USB mixer.
But if it used for our AIRLITE-USB,  AIRENCE-USB  and AIRLAB-DT mixers then only 3 channels can be used at the same time due to bandwidth limits of this device.
To overcome this we can advice the High speed unit we offer.
  • Signal Isolation 5kV
  • Voltage Isolation 1kV
  • Built in 200mA power supply from USB bus (no external power supply required)
  • Power supply LC filter
  • Copper ground
  • ADUM4160 Support USB "full speed" 12Mb/s  , but not "high speed" 480 Mb/s!
    Does not support USB low speed.
  • Size: 55x35mm + cable 10cm


Will the USB Isolator get rid of my buzz noise?
Buzz noises are often ground loop problems, and this is exactly what the USB isolator will remove. 

Will it work with my DAC?
It works with dac's that support up to 96kHz/24bit, it does not work with 192/24 sample rates. 
Also, some dac's requires more than 200mA power. This might be if they have a headphone amplifier, or a MCU that draws more power.


It doesn't work, do I need to install a driver
The USB isolator is "transparent" for the computer, so there are no drivers to install. However, it doesn't work with all USB devices. Your device does probably either require too much power, or needs USB High speed mode (480Mbps), or low speed mode (USB1.1 - used by keyboards, mouse).
Some further explanation:

  • USB ports can supply up to 500mA of power, while the USB isolator will output max 200mA. Some devices will require more than 200mA and will not work with the USB isolator. If your sound card has mic preamps or other features that draws a lot of power, then it's probably not if it gets all it's power from USB. 
  • If your DAC supports sample rates above 96/24, then it will require USB High Speed (USB Audio class 2) and will not work with the isolator. Also, if you have a 96/24 sound card with 4/8 channels, it will also require high data transfer than the isolator supports. It also doesn't support USB low speed devices like mouse keyboard. It can be modified to support low speed devices, but then it will only support low speed, not Full speed (96/24).

If the above described usb isolator is used for our AIRLITE, AIRENCE and AIRLAB-DT mixers then only 3 channels can be used at the same time due to bandwidth limits of this device.
To overcome this we can advice the following high speed unit below.