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AIRCAST 6.00-STD radio automation software

AIRCAST6.00-STD is a light-weight, full-featured radio automation system for Microsoft Windows.
It is targeted at small and medium-sized stations and for both terrestrial and Internet-based broadcast.
It offers features often only found in some high priced, high-end professional packages.
AIRCAST was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible. It works with standard PC hardware, supports virtually any soundcard and offers an unbelievable smooth integration with our WEBSTATION-USB,
You could see it as the ideal solution if you’re looking into upgrading your studio with a decent digital radio automation system that is continuously upgraded to higher standards and customer feedback.

AIRCAST 6.00-STD-DB radio automation software

AIRCAST 6.00-STD-DB  is our standard play-out automation software but now it also includes a database server option to accept data from the AIRCAST Management and Voice Track option from a LAN (same building network over Ethernet) or WAN (AIRCAST Management and Voice Track option at home connected over the Internet to the server (STD-DB) playout system.

AIRCAST 6.00-VT (Voice Track)

AIRCAST 6.00-VT  is our standalone Management and Voice Track option.

If you are using the Voice Track option in the same building you can work from another PC (as part of your LAN) to prepare your show and log on to your AIRCAST-STD-DB main system.
If you want to do that from home you also need the AIRCAST 6.00-STD-DB version (WAN) running in your studio.

AIRCAST-STD 5.00 upgrade to AIRCAST-STD 6.00

If you have an AIRCAST-STD version older than 3 months back calculated from today you can upgrade your old version to the newest version AIRCAST-STD 6.00

AIRCAST-STD-DB 5.00 upgrade to AIRCAST-STD-DB 6.00

If you have an AIRCAST-STD-DB version older than 3 months back calculated from today,  you can upgrade your old version to the newest version AIRCAST-STD-DB version 6.00

AIRCAST-STD 6.00 upgrade to AIRCAST-STD-DB version 6.00

If you have an AIRCAST-STD 6.00 version,  you can upgrade this version to the AIRCAST-STD-DB version 6.00


Remote application software to remotely control and existing control surface in the AXUM system.