LYRA-4 fader Compact Digital Broadcast System

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The Lyra-4 is a fully digital desktop production mixer.
Its concept originates from heavy investigations among end users and distributors looking for a
versatile compact small universal desktop mixer.
The core of the Lyra is a sophisticated DSP engine.
This processing engine involves the latest developments in DSP technology by Texas Instruments.
An intense cooperation between T.I. and D&R has resulted in a digital audio mixer offering tremendous
DSP power and a superb sonic quality.

Although the Lyra is a digital console, it is operated with the same comfort as a conventional analog production mixer. No fundamental concessions have been made towards reliability, high speed controller-response and system stability. Apart from that there is the unique capability to control Lyra's functions over the Internet.

For easy in/output cable interfacing we can supply a Sub-D9 male connector mounted on small pcb that converts the 4 balanced in and outputs to a RJ45 connector. On the RJ45 connector a shielded CAT-5 cable can be connected that on the other side can be connected to one of our XLR/JACK Break-out panels.