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* Six dual inputs
* Built in auto Silence detector
* 3 USB in/out stereo channels
* Play out USB control section included
* Drop through design
Ideal for Production,
* Voice tracking and ON-AIR
* 2 band EQ

Bi directional Cue comm bus
Built in VOIP functionality
Incoming phone calls visible on screen
Clean feed output for external Hybrid
Internal NON STOP switching

EAN: 7436917138155

With the WEBSTATION-USB mixer you can now own a modern radio mixer for a very attractive price. 
This new hand built piece of precision equipment is the result of more than 45 years of experience at D&R.

It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that speeds up daily use and includes a built in Silence Detector.

It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. with built in Telephone VOIP functionality.

 3 in/out channels of stereo USB and 2 very low noise Mic inputs.
The WEBSTATION, ideal for ON-AIR, Production and perfect for streaming to the web.

The WEBSTATION accepts and instantly controls a maximum of 3 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software.

It is built into a metal, heavy duty RF shielded, powder coated chassis, designed with elegantly rounded corners.
Easily “drops” into your furniture to give that exciting and contemporary radio look.
A strong powder coated front panel with reliable controls gives you access to a flawless performance.