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Spare parts kit containing essential replacement parts in case of malfunctioning.

Part Number is 60881782

5x    10250184 IC THAT1510 DIL-8 P08-U
6x    10250307 IC NE5532 AP TI (dual-opamp) 
6x    10250304 IC TL072 CP TI DIL-8 
6x    10250305 IC TL074 CN TI DIL-14 
4x    10300094 Fader ALPS-Klin 100mm 10kB 
5x    10250076 IC LM311P comparator 
6x    10250032 IC THAT2180 CL08-U (VCA) 
5x    10250014 IC 4N27 (opto-coupler) 
5x    10550395 Switch 2p-ns MOMENT 
10x  10350703 Resistor 2E2 1% 1/4W 
8x    10400292 Elco 100uF/ 25V rad R5.08 
8x    10400279 Elco 1uF/100V radial R5.0  
2x    10550001 Relay D1C120000 1xchnge minidip
4x    10250347 Rect BU15105S-E3/45 1000v 15A 
1x    20851416 PCB ins Airlab-6 (cpu/mux) 
1x    10250131 LCD NT-C1624A-BTSESW-B0 nelyte 
2x    10300423 RK0972-A10K (10KAx2)NS (log)  
4x    10300420 RK0972-B10K (10KBx2cc)NS (lin) 
6x    10300421 RK0972-B100K (100KBx2cc)NS lin 
5x    10450010 Pushb CS12 12x12 Black 3.3 shf 
5x    10450009 Pushb CS12 12x12 Grey 3.3 shft 
5x    10450208 Pushb SiF 2.8 grey-sq K54436
5x    10450211 Pushb SiF 2.8 grey-rect K54532 
5x    10450088 Knob Fdr SiF black (1.2x8)sckt 
3x    10550414 Switch 2pole mini NS  
3x    10550395 Switch 2p-ns MOMENT 
3x    10550415 Switch 4pole mini NS 
10x  10250004 IC 4053B (HCF4053 BEY)DIL  
4x    10250333 Transistor BC327/25-RR (TAPE)
4x    10550457 Switch Airl 97320037+97.910.9 
4x    10250338 Fet J112 (on Tape/reel) 
4x    10250017 Fet J175 (on tape/reel) 
4x    10550010 Relay MT2 C93402 12V (2x om) 
1x    10250001 IC 7905 TO220 SGS (volt.reg) 
4x    10250028 IC LM317 (var.pos.volt.reg.) 
4x    10250179 IC THAT1646 P08-U (DRV-134PA)