AIRMETER for your Airmate

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  • Description

The AirMeter is a professional audio interface designed to

be used in (radio) studios. It's a very useful add on for

any mixing console that lacks a meter bridge.

By connecting this unit to a D&R Airmate (or any other

brand mixing console) an audio card and extensive

metering is instantly added to provide you with the same

features as the D&R Airence or Axum broadcast consoles.

The AirMeter is a 3x stereo in/out USB soundcard with a 5-channel GPIO (General Purpose In-Out) for addressing external sources such as software fader start or a Mic-on signal. The AirMeter is connected to a PC with an USB-cable and shows the output levels on a screen and duplicates the internal LED-VU meters of the mixer. A centrally placed large clock plus time (locked to the internal pc clock) gives this AirMeter a beautiful professional look, ideal for accurate presentation work.
AirMeter Software

The latest version of the software for driving the application runs on Windows and can be downloaded here:


  • 19" 1HE rack mountable unit with detachable rack mount-ears.

    Connectors can be placed on the front or on the backside, it's your choice.

  • 3x stereo line RCA-input (cinch) with potentiometer for to adjust input-sensitivity

  • USB to PC (USB-A to USB-B cable

    Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 1HE 19”,  only 115mm deep

  • Connections:

    • 1x stereo line input: Master XLR in/out

    • 2x stereo line input: Cinch (RCA) in/ out

    • 3 x stereo line output: Cinch (RCA)

  • Metering according to DIN norm -50 to +5 dBu

  • USB powered (no separate power supply necessary!)

  • Ground free isolated power supply to eliminate ground loops.