Mounting Kit for 9.5 inch Rack front panels 60898582

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The mounting kit is designed to facilitate the mounting of two 9.5" front panels, whether they are two processors or one processor and one blind panel, together in a standard 19" rack. Here's how it works:

  1. Square Plate Mounting: The mounting kit includes a square plate that allows both front panels to be mounted together securely. This plate ensures proper alignment and stability of the panels within the rack.

  2. Backside Fixation: The backside of the 9.5" processor is fixed in place using a small strip included in the mounting kit. This strip helps secure the processor in position and prevents movement or shifting during installation and use.

  3. Compatibility: The mounting kit is designed to accommodate 9.5" front panels, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of rack-mounted equipment in this form factor.

  4. Blind Panel Integration: If one of the panels is a blind panel (used for covering empty rack spaces), it can be securely mounted alongside the processor using the square plate and backside fixation strip provided in the mounting kit.

  5. 19" Rack Compatibility: Once both front panels are mounted together using the mounting kit, they can be installed in a standard 19" rack enclosure. This allows for easy integration of the equipment into existing rack setups.

Overall, the mounting kit provides a convenient and reliable solution for mounting two 9.5" front panels together in a 19" rack, ensuring proper alignment, stability, and compatibility with various rack-mounted equipment configurations.