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The AIRENCE-USB ON-AIR mixer offers a modern and versatile solution for radio production with its split-version design and integrated USB-based control section. Here are some key features and specifications:

  1. Split-Version Design: This mixer adopts a split-version design, providing flexibility and convenience in setup and operation.

  2. Integrated USB Control Section: The mixer features a smart integrated USB control section, enhancing its usability and compatibility with modern broadcasting setups.

  3. Low Noise Circuitry: Built with well-proven low-noise circuitry, the AIRENCE-USB ensures high-quality audio performance and reliability.

  4. Built-in Telephone Hybrids (2x): Includes two built-in telephone hybrids, enabling seamless integration of phone audio into productions.

  5. 4 Channels USB: Equipped with four USB channels, facilitating streaming to the web and seamless communication with play-out software.

  6. 4 Mic Inputs: Offers four high-quality microphone inputs, suitable for various broadcasting applications.

  7. Heavy Duty RF Shielded Chassis: The 19" rack-mounted chassis provides robust protection against interference and ensures durability in professional environments.

  8. Vertically Mounted Input Modules: All input modules are vertically mounted within the chassis, optimizing space efficiency and accessibility.

  9. Extension Units Compatibility: Extension units with six triple input channels can be connected to the main unit, expanding the mixer's capabilities and accommodating larger setups.

  10. High-End Mic Inputs: The triple input channels feature high-end quality microphone inputs on XLR connectors, ensuring pristine audio capture.

  11. Stereo Line Level Inputs: Additionally, two stereo line-level inputs are available on Cinch (RCA) connectors for connecting various audio sources.

  12. Drop-Through Installation: The heavy-duty chassis can be used as a drop-through in furniture, facilitating seamless integration into studio setups.

Overall, the AIRENCE-USB ON-AIR mixer offers a comprehensive solution for modern radio production, combining advanced features, versatility, and reliability. Its split-version design and integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for self-operating DJs and profes

EAN 7436917138186

The AIRENCE-USB is designed to be the central hub for local radio production, whether in a studio or at home. Its user-friendly features make it ideal for quick and easy radio program creation. Here's a breakdown of its features:

  1. Compact and Reliable: The AIRENCE-USB is compact, reliable, making it suitable for production rooms or home studios.

  2. Versatile Applications: It can serve as an on-air mixer or be used to set up your own internet radio station. Its flexibility makes it adaptable to various broadcasting scenarios.

  3. Budget-Friendly: Starting with the 6-channel version provides a complete system for those on a tight budget. It's a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.

  4. Future-Proof Design: Even if you upgrade to a larger on-air mixer in the future, the AIRENCE-USB can still be utilized as a pre-production mixer. Expansion is easy with the addition of the AIRENCE-EXT, which adds six more triple inputs.

  5. Individually Powered: Each unit is powered by a modern digitally switched power supply, ensuring high efficiency in power consumption. Power supply redundancy is also an option with external power supply units.

  6. Control Section: The right side of the mixer features 24 illuminated switches that can control functions in radio automation software. It includes a built-in USB controller programmable for customized radio operations.

  7. Software Integration: The AIRENCE sends control signals over USB using the HID protocol. This enables the display of main output signals on a TFT screen in a meter application. The software also includes a professional-looking radio clock synchronized with an NTP server over the internet.

  8. Meter Application: The included software program displays stereo audio signals and a separate meter for signals heard through CRM speakers. It can be run alongside the audio signals over the same USB connection to the playout PC.

  9. Summary: The AIRENCE-USB is a reliable, digitally controlled analog on-air console suitable for any serious radio studio. Its compact design, extensive features, and attractive appearance make it a versatile and practical choice for radio broadcasting needs.