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AIRCAST-STD is a robust radio automation system designed specifically for Microsoft Windows platforms. Tailored for small to medium-sized stations, it caters to both terrestrial and Internet-based broadcasts. Despite its lightweight nature, AIRCAST-STD offers a comprehensive set of features typically found in high-end professional packages.

Key Features:

  1. Flexibility and Customization: AIRCAST-STD is built to be highly flexible and customizable, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific needs and workflows.
  2. Compatibility: The system works seamlessly with standard PC hardware and supports virtually any soundcard. It boasts smooth integration with a range of D&R mixers, including WEBSTATION-USB, AIRLITE-USB, AIRENCE-USB, AIRLAB-DT, AXITE, and AXUM mixers.
  3. Advanced Functionality: Despite its affordability, AIRCAST-STD offers advanced functionality commonly found in higher-priced automation systems. This includes scheduling, playlist management, live assist capabilities, and more.
  4. Continuous Upgrades: The system is continuously updated to meet higher standards and incorporate customer feedback. This ensures that users always have access to the latest features and improvements.
  5. Ideal for Studio Upgrades: AIRCAST-STD is positioned as the ideal solution for studios looking to upgrade to a digital radio automation system without breaking the bank. Its affordability, reliability, and feature-rich design make it a compelling choice for broadcasters of all sizes.

Overall, AIRCAST-STD offers a powerful yet cost-effective solution for radio stations seeking to modernize their operations with a reliable and feature-rich automation system. Its compatibility, flexibility, and continuous upgrades make it a valuable asset for broadcasters looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

EAN CODE: 7436917140127

The features of D&R's AIRCAST products are designed to meet the demands of professional broadcasters. Here's a breakdown of the key features highlighted:

    1. Powerful Play-out System: AIRCAST offers a robust play-out system capable of handling the demands of radio broadcasting, ensuring seamless playback of audio content.

    2. Highly Customized GUI: The graphical user interface (GUI) of AIRCAST is highly customized, providing broadcasters with a clean and intuitive interface for managing their audio content effectively.

    3. Excellent Hardware Support: AIRCAST provides excellent support for standard PC and audio hardware, offering compatibility with USB connections as well as DirectSound, WASAPI, or ASIO compliant sound cards. This ensures flexibility in hardware selection to meet specific broadcasting needs.

    4. Remote Control Mechanisms: AIRCAST offers various remote control mechanisms, including support for fader start functionality, allowing broadcasters to control playback remotely for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

    5. On-the-fly Voice Track Recording: AIRCAST enables on-the-fly voice track recording, allowing broadcasters to seamlessly record and integrate voice tracks into their programming without interrupting playback.

    6. Built-in Internet Streaming Encoder: The built-in Internet streaming encoder in AIRCAST facilitates easy streaming of audio content over the internet, enhancing the reach of radio broadcasts to online audiences. Additionally, support for external sound processing plugins allows broadcasters to further enhance the quality of their streamed content.

    These features, combined with the reliability and performance synonymous with D&R products, make AIRCAST a comprehensive solution for professional radio broadcasters. For more detailed information, users can visit D&R's AIRCAST product webpage for additional insights and specifications.