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AIRCAST-VT is a standalone Management and Voice Track option offered by D&R. It provides broadcasters with the tools necessary for managing their shows and creating voice tracks. Here's an overview of its features and functionality:

  1. Standalone Solution: AIRCAST-VT operates as a standalone software solution, allowing users to manage their shows and create voice tracks independently.

  2. Management Capabilities: The Management component of AIRCAST-VT enables users to schedule shows, manage playlists, and organize content for broadcasting. This includes features such as playlist creation, scheduling, and editing.

  3. Voice Track Functionality: AIRCAST-VT includes a Voice Track option, which allows users to record and edit voice tracks directly within the software. This feature is essential for adding commentary, announcements, and other audio elements to shows.

  4. LAN Connectivity: If users are operating within the same building network (LAN), they can utilize AIRCAST-VT from another PC to prepare their shows and log on to the main AIRCAST-STD-DB system. This enables collaboration and remote access within the broadcasting facility.

  5. WAN Connectivity: For remote access from home or other external locations, users require the AIRCAST 7.00-STD-DB version, which supports connectivity over a Wide Area Network (WAN). This allows users to access and interact with the main AIRCAST-STD-DB system from remote locations, enabling flexible work arrangements.

  6. Seamless Integration: AIRCAST-VT seamlessly integrates with other components of the AIRCAST system, such as AIRCAST-STD-DB, to provide a comprehensive broadcasting solution. This ensures smooth workflow management and data exchange between different software components.

Overall, AIRCAST-VT offers broadcasters a versatile and user-friendly solution for managing their shows and creating voice tracks. Whether operating within the broadcasting facility or remotely, users can leverage its features to streamline their workflow and enhance their broadcasting capabilities.

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