AIRCAST-STD 6.00 upgrade to AIRCAST-STD 7.20

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D&R offers an upgrade path for users with older versions of AIRCAST-STD. Here's how the upgrade process typically works:

  1. Assessment of Current Version: Users need to determine the version of AIRCAST-STD they currently have installed. This can usually be found within the software itself or by contacting D&R support.

  2. Eligibility for Upgrade: Users with an AIRCAST-STD version older than three months from the current date may be eligible for an upgrade to the newest version, AIRCAST-STD 7.10.

  3. Contacting D&R: Users interested in upgrading their software should reach out to D&R to inquire about the upgrade process and eligibility. D&R's support team can provide guidance on how to proceed and any associated costs.

  4. Upgrade Procedure: Once eligibility is confirmed, D&R will provide instructions on how to upgrade the software. This typically involves downloading and installing the latest version of AIRCAST-STD from D&R's website or via a provided link.

  5. Data Migration and Configuration: Users may need to migrate their data and configurations from the old version to the new version of AIRCAST-STD. D&R may provide guidance or assistance with this process to ensure a smooth transition.

  6. Testing and Validation: After upgrading, users should thoroughly test the new version of AIRCAST-STD to ensure that it functions correctly and meets their requirements. This may involve checking for compatibility with existing hardware and verifying that all features are working as expected.

  7. Support and Maintenance: Once upgraded, users may be eligible for ongoing support and maintenance from D&R, including access to software updates and technical assistance.

Overall, upgrading to the newest version of AIRCAST-STD can provide users with access to the latest features, improvements, and enhancements, helping them to stay current and competitive in their broadcasting endeavors.

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