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Spare parts kit containing essential replacement parts in case of malfunctioning. SMD ic's are not part of this kit.

Part Number is 60890268

1x 10600535 Conn Cinch 4xPCB gold pl bush
1x 10600802 Jack Stack LJB0671-12 LS3 tip
2x 10300423 RK0972-A10K (10KAx2)NS (log)
2x 10300421 RK0972-B100K (100KBx2cc)NS lin
2x 10300420 RK0972-B10K (10KBx2cc)NS (lin)
2x 10550414 Switch 2pole mini NS
2x 10550415 Switch 4pole mini NS
1x 10550395 Switch 2p-ns MOMENT
1x 10600804 XLR 3p chas fem LX1604H3(LS)
2x 10300428 RK0972-B10K (10KBx2)NS (lin)
1x 10600803 XLR 3p chas male LX1601H3 (LS)
2x 10550016 Switch K-ALPS faders detector
2x 10550416 Switch 4pole pure greenled
2x 10990703 FUSE 500mA slow 5x20mm
2x 10300098 Fader ALPS-Kste 100mm 10kA
1x 10300079 Fader ALPS-RS60N12B9 10KAx2ver
3x 10450115 Knob Fdr SiF bl 1.2x8 NO SOCKT
1x 10450114 Knob Fdr Sif black11-Tshft AB4
5x 10450120 Knob P300-S-008-S6 Grey
2x 10450121 Knob P300-S-028-S6 RED
2x 10250386 Led 3mm green SLR-03A210-020
2x 10250387 Led 3mm red SLR-03A510-020
2x 10250388 Led 3mm yellow SLR-03A610-020
4x 10450008 Pushb CS12 12x12 Dark Opal+1.5
2x 10450209 Pushb SiF 2.8 black-sq K54437
2x 10450208 Pushb SiF 2.8 grey-sq K54436
1x 10600530 Jack Break slimline S253-84
1x 10300166 Trimmer 20k 15turn (T18)
1x 10600805 Jack Break LJB0670-6 LS3 tip
1x 10300147 Trimmer 50k 1turn vert (H)
1x 10550400 Switch Alps 2p-ns (2x om)
1x 10550010 Relay MT2 C93402 12V (2x om)
1x 10300422 RK09 20KA Short version log
5x 10600414 Shunt 2p (mini jumper) BLACK