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The CamCon device is designed to measure microphone levels and transmit this data over a USB link to a PC running visual radio software. Here's how it works and its key features:

  1. Simple Setup: The CamCon unit is easy to set up and use. It is placed in series with the microphone and the mixing console without interfering with the microphone signal. Each channel has an XLR input and an XLR output, which also acts as a pass-through connector, allowing seamless integration into existing setups.

  2. Microphone Level Measurement: The CamCon unit measures microphone levels accurately, providing data on the audio input signal's amplitude. This information is essential for visual radio software to synchronize audiovisual content effectively.

  3. USB Connectivity: The measured microphone levels are transmitted to a PC via a USB link. This allows the visual radio software running on the PC to receive real-time data on microphone levels, enabling dynamic adjustments and control.

  4. Multiple Microphone Support: The CamCon unit supports multiple microphones, allowing for the measurement of microphone levels from different sources simultaneously. This feature is crucial for environments with multiple microphones, such as radio studios or live event setups.

  5. Front Panel Control: Gain adjustments for level measurement, used to switch cameras or perform other actions, can be easily controlled from the front panel of the CamCon unit. A single push switch on the front panel allows users to adjust the gain settings conveniently.

Overall, the CamCon device provides a straightforward solution for measuring microphone levels and transmitting this data to visual radio software via USB. Its simplicity, accuracy, and support for multiple microphones make it an essential tool for enhancing visual radio productions and ensuring seamless synchronization between audio and video content.

This product needs the following software

1. CamCON server software
2. Visual Radio Control VRC)
3. OBS (freeware)

This VRC software will process the CAMCON data to control OBS (free open source software)

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