USB ISOLATOR | 10250528 3 channel medium speed

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This product is a ground loop isolator or a surge protector designed to mitigate noise, ground loop issues, and protect ports from power surges and voltage spikes in various applications. Here's an overview of its features and benefits:

  1. Ground Loop Isolation: Ground loops can cause unwanted noise and interference in audio or video signals. The isolator breaks the ground loop by providing a separate ground path, thereby reducing or eliminating noise and interference.

  2. Noise Coupling Prevention: In applications where multiple audio or video devices are interconnected, noise coupling can occur, leading to signal degradation. The isolator helps prevent noise coupling by providing isolation between connected devices, ensuring cleaner signal transmission.

  3. Protection from Power Surges and Voltage Spikes: Power surges and voltage spikes can damage sensitive electronic equipment and ports. The surge protector feature of the product helps safeguard ports and devices by diverting excess voltage to ground, protecting them from potential damage.

  4. Versatile Applications: The product can be used in a wide range of applications, including audio and video systems, computer networks, telecommunications equipment, and more. It provides a versatile solution for addressing noise and interference issues and protecting valuable equipment.

  5. Easy Installation: Typically, the product is easy to install, requiring minimal setup and configuration. It may feature standard connectors or interfaces compatible with various devices and equipment.

  6. Improved Signal Quality: By eliminating ground loops, reducing noise coupling, and protecting against power surges, the product helps maintain signal integrity and quality, ensuring optimal performance of connected devices and systems.

  7. Reliable Performance: Designed to meet high-quality standards and specifications, the product offers reliable performance and durability, providing long-term protection for equipment and ports.

Overall, the product serves as an effective solution for addressing common issues such as ground loops, noise coupling, and power surges in various applications, offering improved signal quality and protection for connected devices and systems.

    The USB Isolator will isolate the power from the USB host (computer) and the connected device and provide a cleaner DC voltage for the USB device. The isolator will create a new ground for the USB device so that it doesn't have to share ground with your computer and other devices you might have connected in the same house.

    This can be used to prevent ground loops. It will also protect the USB device and host from electrical shocks or static electricity shocks. It will also greatly improve the quality of the DC power signal used to power the USB device, which can improve performance of sensitive equipment like audio converters.

    This Isolator doesn't require an external power supply. It features a isolated, regulated DC-DC module which is powered from the USB host (computer) and can give out 200mA, sufficient for commonly used USB equipment (but not all - check your device's power requirement!). Power is filtered with a LC filter featuring quality Sanyo OSCON caps. 

    It features a professional grade isolation chip, ADUM4160 and with an optimal layout it features signal isolation capability of 5000V and voltage isolation of 1000V. A low noise regulator is used to power ADUM4160 and low noise DC-DC converter gives a clean 5VDC power to the connected USB device. 

    USB Full Speed 12Mbps is sufficient for samples rates up to 96kHz/24bit. But it will not work with 192kHz/24bit samples  rates as this requires USB "High Speed" 480Mbps (the is currently no chips available supporting USB "High speed")


    • Signal Isolation 5kV

    • Voltage Isolation 1kV

    • Built in 200mA power supply from USB bus (no external power supply required)

    • Power supply LC filter

    • Copper ground

    • ADUM4160 Support USB "full speed" 12Mb/s  , but not "high speed" 480 Mb/s. Does not support USB low speed.

    • Size: 55x35mm + cable 10cm