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Extremely popular Radio-On Air console. 
Thousands of happy users.

- 8 triple input channels
- 6x Mic inputs
- 12x stereo line inputs
- 4x inserts on Mic input 1-4
- 2x USB stereo send/return
- 2x Built Telephone Hybrid channels

EAN 7436917138179

We designed the Airmate-USB to fulfil the requirements for a high grade low cost radio production mixer.
Built around well proven low noise circuitry, this console is the reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. that needs an internal Telephone Hybrid (2x) and USB connection to the PC (for streaming to the web)

A heavy duty 19"rack mounted RF shielded chassis house 8 vertically mounted triple input modules giving a rarely found flexibility in this type of mixer.

Six input channels with high quality balanced Microphone inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch( RCA) connectors. And... every line level line B input can be converted into a stereo phono channel. On top of that we have added 4 Mic Inserts for signal processors.

The Airmate-USB has become an extremely popular choice among radio professionals, with thousands of happy users benefiting from its features and performance. The widespread adoption and positive feedback speak volumes about the mixer's reliability, functionality, and value for money.

The fact that it has gained such popularity underscores its effectiveness in meeting the needs of on-air broadcasting. Its blend of high-grade audio quality, versatile connectivity options, and user-friendly design likely contributes to its widespread acclaim.

For radio stations and DJs seeking a dependable and feature-rich solution for their broadcasting needs, the Airmate-USB appears to be a go-to option. Its popularity is a testament to its ability to deliver consistent and high-quality results in the demanding world of radio production.

As the Airmate-USB continues to garner praise and win over users, it reinforces its status as a trusted and preferred choice in the industry, further solidifying its position as a leading on-air console.