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D&R's Telephone Hybrid-2 represents the active iteration of their popular passive version, which has enjoyed successful sales over the past five years. Redesigned with surface-mount device (SMD) technology, it has been updated to meet the latest standards in telecommunications equipment.

The concept behind the Telephone Hybrid-2 emerged from numerous requests for a more sophisticated hybrid solution with additional features. While it maintains its analogue core, the addition of digital control opens up new possibilities and enhances functionality.

One notable feature of the Telephone Hybrid-2 is ducking, which significantly improves intelligibility in broadcast applications. Ducking allows the hybrid to dynamically lower the level of background noise or other audio sources when a signal is present, ensuring that the caller's voice remains clear and prominent.

Overall, the Telephone Hybrid-2 combines the reliability and familiarity of analogue technology with the flexibility and precision of digital control, making it a versatile and effective tool for enhancing the quality of telephone communications in broadcasting and other audio production environments.

EAN 7436917139169
  • Active balanced interfacing.

  • Variable High and low cut  filters.

  • Industry standard connectors

  • Superb audio separation.

  • Externally adjustable R and C balance.

  • Remote controllable.

  • GPIO interfacing with mixing consoles.