RIAA pre-amp for D&R mixers

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The RIAA corrected phono pre-amplifier for D&R mixers such as AIRMATE, AIRENCE, and AIRLAB is designed to provide high-quality audio playback from vinyl records. Here's an overview of its features and functionality:

  1. RIAA Correction: The pre-amplifier includes RIAA correction circuitry, which is essential for accurately reproducing the audio signal from vinyl records. The RIAA equalization curve is applied during playback to ensure proper frequency response and sound quality.

  2. Phono Pre-amplification: It serves as a dedicated phono pre-amplifier, amplifying the low-level signal output from a turntable to a line-level signal suitable for input into the mixer. This allows vinyl records to be played back through the mixer's audio system.

  3. Compatibility: The pre-amplifier is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with D&R mixers such as AIRMATE, AIRENCE, and AIRLAB. It may include connectors or interfaces that allow for direct connection to these mixers.

  4. High-Quality Audio: The pre-amplifier is engineered to provide high-quality audio playback, preserving the fidelity and warmth of vinyl records. It ensures minimal noise and distortion, resulting in clear and natural sound reproduction.

  5. Easy Installation: Installation of the pre-amplifier is typically straightforward, with connections made between the turntable, pre-amplifier, and mixer. Depending on the specific model, it may require power from the mixer or an external power source.

  6. Enhanced Playback Options: By adding a RIAA corrected phono pre-amplifier to the mixer setup, users can expand their playback options to include vinyl records alongside other audio sources. This allows for greater versatility in programming and content creation.

Overall, the RIAA corrected phono pre-amplifier for D&R mixers offers an excellent solution for integrating vinyl record playback into professional audio setups. It ensures accurate RIAA equalization and high-quality audio reproduction, enhancing the capabilities of AIRMATE, AIRENCE, and AIRLAB mixers for broadcasting, recording, and production applications.

Phono pre-amp that can be inserted on the main pcb's of the following D&R mixers. Discom / Disteq / 300 series / Airmate / Airlab / Clubmix / ClubMate