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The D&R GSM Hybrid offers a simple and effective wireless interface for communication with reporters in the field. Here are some key features and functionalities of the GSM Hybrid:

  1. Wireless Interface: Allows reporters to call into the studio using a wireless connection, providing flexibility and convenience for remote communication.

  2. HD Voice: Incorporates HD voice technology, which extends the frequency range for clearer and more natural-sounding audio.

  3. Echo Cancelling: Utilizes echo-cancelling technology to minimize echo and ensure clear communication even in challenging acoustic environments.

  4. Digital EQ: Includes digital equalization capabilities for fine-tuning audio settings and optimizing sound quality.

  5. USB Application Control: Offers USB connectivity for control and management of the GSM Hybrid through a PC, providing additional flexibility and convenience in operation.

  6. Dedicated Phone Number: Provides reporters with a dedicated phone number to call, streamlining the communication process and ensuring easy access to the studio.

  7. Integration with Mixing Console: The call can be taken directly on the mixing console thanks to built-in GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output), simplifying operation and allowing for seamless integration into the studio setup.

  8. Sturdy Construction: Housed in a sturdy metal 9.5" rack-mount case, ensuring durability and protection for the electronics. Antennas are located on the front side for optimal receiver conditions.

  9. External Power Supply: Includes an external 12-volt power supply adapter as part of the delivery, providing power to the GSM Hybrid.

  10. Software Features: Software features include in and output metering, level control, phone dialing, number recognition, and GSM signal strength indication, enhancing usability and control over the communication process.

Overall, the D&R GSM Hybrid offers a comprehensive solution for wireless communication with reporters, combining high-quality audio, versatile features, and user-friendly operation to expand the communication possibilities of the studio.

EAN 7436917139176


* Input and output level meters (ppm)
* Input and output gain adjust
* Phone dialling
* Number recognition
* GPIO configuration
* GSM Signal Strength indicator


* input and output level meters
* input nd output gain adjust
* phone dialling
* GSM signal strength indicator
* number recognition
* GPIO configuration